iPhone Apps

iPhone App Development

Nowadays, mobile app development has become necessary to promote your business. If you provided a business mobile app to your customers, it would make it easier for them to interact and engage with your business.

Being one of the key players of the smartphone market across the globe, Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices are the best companions of your customers. They use their iPads and iPhones to perform a number of tasks on a daily basis. Developing an iPhone app for your brand or business can give you the opportunity to convert many of these iPhone users to loyal customers.

Here at Unifier Global, our approach to iPhone apps is very methodical. We use the SCRUM method which we believe is perfect for developing iPhone apps. Being an Agile based method of software development, SCRUM can handle the evolving needs of your business setup.

During our iPhone app development, we undergo the following phases to ensure excellent product quality and customer satisfaction:

  • Storyboarding, laying the groundwork and valuation
  • Necessities, elaboration and supervision
  • Application design and architecture
  • Implementation of the app
  • Testing the app and quality assurance
  • Optimizing the app performance
  • Maintenance and support

Though we follow the above mentioned guidelines to develop most of our iPad and iPhone apps, but each mobile app is unique. This is because each client has different requirements and resources, we tailor our proposal to provide an optimum solution to gain your trust and satisfaction. Similarly, though we mostly use SCRUM based models for app development, we can work on any other recognized software development model to fulfill the requirements of our valued clients.

Our highly competent team of designers and developers make use of their professional skills and knowledge to create the finest iPhone mobile applications. And for this purpose, our team have the best tools at their disposal like Xcode, Objective C, Swift 2, Cocoa Touch framework.

We also believe in communicating with our clients frequently, involving them in our app development process and taking advantage of their ideas. We believe that the more we communicate with our clients the more valuable and quality apps we are able to build.