Salesforce Services

Implementation of

The implementation of is the primary service offered by Unifier Global. Our goal is to help our customers design, effectuate, customize and incorporate solutions. The Implementation Service of Unifier Global initiates with analyzing the current process, planning the procedure, structuring the system and modifying the Salesforce application to suit your particular business needs.

Our Implementation Service Includes:

  • Implementation of Service Cloud
  • Implementation of Sales Cloud
  • Chatter Implementation

Application Development in

Unifier Global possesses unparalleled knowledge in application development and with our knowledge we can assist you in developing highly efficient and quality applications on
Our competent developers are capable of developing an application that will be the perfect fit for your business model and will be able to handle all its complexities.

Salesforce Maintenance and Support

Altering your business model and requirements can be a costly, complex and arduous process from an IT perspective. However, with Unifier Global you can maintain your application and Salesforce CRM in an economical and effective manner. Our team can provide end to end maintenance services and application support tailored to handle the business complexities for our customers across the globe.
Through our efficient service management procedure and policies, our templates and swift assessment, implementation apparatus and strict adherence to SLA boundaries enable us to provide exceptional values added services to our clients.
We provide in-house consulting for recognized service and maintenance companies.

Being the frontrunner in the arena of cloud computing systems for CRM, social, KMS (knowledge management software) cloud computing, sales and call center, is the ideal IT solutions partner that offers a versatile cloud computing system for a wide range of businesses.

  • Salesforce Application Development
  • Salesforce Implementation
  • Salesforce Advance App Development
  • Salesforce Declarative
  • Salesforce Training


Nowadays, companies require an integrated HCM (Human Capital Management) solution that can help them remodel their HR policies to help them attain a better insight and visibility into their organization, including performance, proficiencies, expenditures and staff capacity. Small and medium sized businesses looks for a cost effective solution, but large enterprises are much more interested in an absolute transformation of their HR process. Such setups require an IT partner that can offer end to end Human Capital Management process transformation. This involves Consulting, Integration, Rollout, Migration and Implementation Support by taking advantage of Public SaaS.
Workday incorporation Cloud Platform is a recognized iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) for developing integrations to Workday and from Workday. Workday Cloud is used to manage and install all integrations.


The evolution in cloud ERP solutions is taking place at a swift pace and is making room for much more agile, flexible and cost effective ERP solutions; qualities that were lacking in the previous ones. Being one of the leading retailers of cloud computing software for business management, many businesses are taking advantage of NetSuite’s latest cloud computing software and reforming their ERP, CRM and other Web operations involving cloud computing to enhance their efficiency and save costs.
Unifier Global’s expertise in installing cloud solutions for clients, competent product and services and profound domain understanding has made it a center for any and all services pertinent to license selling, NetSuite tactical consulting, roadmap valuations, migration, integration, employment, maintenance and support.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a useful tool that can help you in converting raw data into meaningful and useful information for your business. BI can easily handle large amounts of data to filter out new opportunities for you. Then you can focus your energy on these opportunities and develop and implement an effective strategy to achieve competitive market advantage and stabilize your business for the long run. If you need help in this area, Unifier Global can sort everything for you. We can help in designing, implementing and supporting of different BI tools. Our command over ETL tools, Planning applications, Data warehousing and Reporting tools can greatly boost your business.

Our Main Expertise is Helping Organizations to:

  • Plan, develop and sustain Business Intelligence / Enterprise Data Warehouse / Analytics Solutions.
  • Establish BI Hub / BI COE of any size.
  • Implement Customized or Packaged Analytics – Credit card analytics, Insurance, Finance, HR, Risk, Logistics / Warehouse and others.
  • To resolve point BI requirements across several platforms in Data Incorporation / ETL – Reporting – Portal / Dashboard and Product Upgrading.

Other Services